Investing is not a passive activity nor is it done without careful consideration.  Garrison Capital, LLC evaluates all manner of business opportunities to include early stage, fund raising needs, reverse merger potentially, strategic alliances and business management/development.  Our preference is to involve ourselves in opportunities where we can offer not only financing but also business expertise that will add overall value to the enterprise.  Therefore we prefer larger positions, board membership or other integrated involvement.

Special Interests:
With a physician team member we enjoy medical opportunities especially those related to biotechnology.  We have experience in large scale operations to include multi-state multi-location operations.  We have built operations from the ground up and understand start-ups and their inherent difficulties.  Disruptive technology plays are always of interest.

We have a network of business connections related to fund raising, deal structure, legal, accounting, marketing and all other infrastructure needs.  Much of this is in-house and economical.  Working with a trusted team is important to us. We are pleased to make quality referrals even if not participating ourselves.

Some specific investments we have participated in can be found here.

Garrison Capital, LLC is a family centric investment group focused on long term investments while balancing yield against risk.  In addition to a managed portfolio of securities we have a predilection towards promising enterprises to include early stage.  Led by a Harvard MBA we evaluate every opportunity presented from a personal perspective.  We are passionate about building for future generations.